I've been using Fusion for a while, and over the years, I have written a few small tools that I use somewhat regularly. So I decided recently that I should polish them up and share them. This is the first one. You can download it here: https://jameso2.itch.io/batchmaker

Below is a little demo video on how it works. Real simple.

<a data-cke-saved-href="https://jameso2.itch.io/batchmaker" href="https://jameso2.itch.io/batchmaker">

It's a pretty simple tool that takes advantage of Windows Batch files. Using simple drag-n-drop, you can quickly create a SHORTCUT file that launches multiple files, folders, or programs. I use this app to generate "project launchers" to put on my desktop. For example, I'll create a shorctut that will simultaneously open my MFA file, a TXT todo list, a focus music playlist file, and my ASEPRITE pixel art file.

This little program saves you extra minutes manually typing out the file paths of a BATCH file, and then manually creating a shorcut, and manually hunting down an icon file. Here's some projects I have on my desktop that I made quick-launch icons for using this program:

I mostly used to toy around making little games in Fusion, but I'm recently discovering how quickly I can create really slick looking portable apps that improve my workflow. I've got some more coming soon, so keep a look out. I'm specifically making a set of small tools that are useful for pixel artists.