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Thread: I bought FF back awhile as a pc download, but it shows up as steam?

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    I bought FF back awhile as a pc download, but it shows up as steam?

    Hi, I just added win firefly to my passport and it shows up as steam. I bought awhile back but never added it to CP. I don't have steam but a pc download. Is it just the community reg code? can you check it for me? thanks

    EDIT: It shows up as steam in my community passport, no downloads, upgrades etc.

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    Hmmm, I seem to be encountering the same or similar issue. I just got standalone Firefly through Patreon. After downloading the setup files from the Clickstore, I registered my serial with the community passport (I entered the serial into the non-steam entry form on the left side). Firefly showed up but it says (Steam) and no downloads. I also received the Steam User role on the discord. I'm not sure if it's actually a problem yet or not though, as I haven't installed it just yet.

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