Hi all,
I'm going create a topic to share some stuff I've learned when porting to Mac that might be useful to others.

Pack your stuff in - Make sure to include your external files inside the Data Elements

Slash and Backslash - Mac uses slash as opposed to windows backslash. You can use the a dynamic alterable string to swich from slash to backslash quickly or better yet, use the minimum amount of external stuff (Apppath$).

Full Screen and Windowed - You can use the system's full screen and windowed assigned to a global value and use only one action when event loops if the mac bounces back and forth between windowed and full screen.

Output Xcode project directory: If you are compiling your game using the Xcode project (and I do recommend you do so you can change your icon), the output will be given at ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData

Edit Box - The edit box does not gives focus without player's click. If this is a problem, you can workaround by making a custom editbox.

Name of the file - Do not put fancy and very long name with strange characters in it. I've learned the hard way that things may not go well when you add [{]} etc.

Change your icon - In recent Xcode versions apparently the assigned icon in Fusion is not replicated in the application generated. By the time I'm writing this small guide you'll have to add the icons yourself. Here is how to do it: Export and open your project in Xcode, look for the folder Resources and open the Images.xcassets select Mac and drag the images of appropriate icons to the AppIcon slots. Notice that there are 1x and 2x of the formats, meaning the 2x of Mac 256pt is actually a 512 (the resolution is also written in the slots)