Thank you for your examples! I was doing something similar but not properly... So, for now, for each "weapon" I have in my inventory, there will be the same amount of "weapon" created in the next frame.
The next problem is : They lost their alterable value, so they act like non-picked object (their first value determine if they are on ground, or in a slot in my inventory. When I go to the next frame, the "weapons" created have this value at "on ground"), so they aren't in my inventory and they don't have the same stats anymore. Is there a way for those new created "weapons" to retrieve all the alterable value they "had" in the first frame?

I did the Global Object way, copy/paste all my "weapons" to all frames, but it doesn't work for newly created "weapon" dropped by a dead "bad guy".

I'm trying save the alterable values of my "weapons" to my inventory slot (Global objects), and making them create "weapons" in the next frame and redistribute the alterable values they got previously
(If this doesn't work i'll try to do an example mfa)