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Thread: Increase in .exe sizes with 2.5+ - Is there a setting?

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    Sorry, my mistake. I seem to have multiple copies of this game in my backups - I saw now when I was looking for a OneDrive link to send you. I can find one that creates an .exe on Direct3D 9 almost to the original size I had (13 989kb). And the Direct3D 11 is double that - 28 871 and 30 076 - but I don't need to use Direct3D 11 (these games are so low on system resources that a performance increase is unnecessary.)

    So if you want to check it out - I can send it to you, but if you feel that's within the realm of what would be expected then don't worry. (And also I was just checking what 2.5 would do with my old games for fun - I don't have to update anything right now.)

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    OK, no need to send it.

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