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Thread: Setting one active's position relative to another active's hot spot?

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    Setting one active's position relative to another active's hot spot?

    This is so weird, I thought this was possible but when I went to try it last night I couldn't get it to work.

    Here's what I want: One active's animation is 4 frames, where the hot spot moves just a few pixels up and down. This gives the appearance of a small 'hop'. I made a second active object which I want to also 'hop' by always setting its position to the first active's hot spot (rather than making it have the same movable hot spot itself).

    But for the life of me it's not working. What I get is the first active hops but the 2nd active just follows it around in a stationary position which doesn't hop. I tried using the options for relative to hot spot (and even action point) but no dice there either.

    Any ideas on why this doesn't work? It's probably something stupid I missed.

    Thank you!

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    Maybe a scope issue or something else.
    Please post your .mfa then we can help you further

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    You could try to set the 2nd object to the x and y co-ordinates of the first object, rather than their hot spots or action points. But where I can see this not working is that Fusion will run through the events and set the 2nd object relative to the active frame of the first object - and if the first object's animation is fast, that frame might always be the same frame which is why the 2nd one won't hop.

    Another trick is to export the objects with a bounding box around them as you need them to hop - and then not crop them - and then the animation will "hop".

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