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Thread: Opening a very old Fusion 1 EXE of my game, RoDney Adventurer, to remaster it again!

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    Question Opening a very old Fusion 1 EXE of my game, RoDney Adventurer, to remaster it again!

    Hey guys, first let me say that In the past I've purchased a bunch of clickteam products, starting with EuropPress Klik & Play, Click & Create, Multimedia Fusion 1.0, and now Finally, Click Team Fusion 2.5 Developer's Edition. For some reason it won't let me link my Steam account but my account name is Moco64.

    So like many of you, I've always tinkered with fusion, never finishing anything but always starting. I happened to find my old game, RoDney, a pitfall clone, I also found by accident game footage that someone else uploaded of RoDney 2: Escape from Atlantis. I would love to remaster both games again, but all progress of Rodney 2 was lost over 15 years ago, and the only thing I have of Rodney Remix is an exe, it was made in Fusion, and it has all the .Dlls with it.

    This brings me to my wishful thinking question. I can prove I made the game easily, what I can't do is open the file.

    Can someone please open the EXE from Rodney Remix? Again, I'm in the process of re-uploading it.

    If you can, I would be forever in your debt. ** Crosses Fingers **

    Thank You very Much for your time!

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    Hi Sapato64 and welcome to the forums. Actually you are asking in the wrong area. Ask in the 2.5 area.

    ​458 TGF to CTF 2.5+ Examples and games

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    Hi @Sapato64 it is not possible to open exe files up, I'm afraid this can't be done. Please register your products at the Passport tab of this site so 6oj can access the customer area. Thanks.

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