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Thread: Can Clickteam make an HQ Trivia-style Game?

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    Can Clickteam make an HQ Trivia-style Game?

    Anyone know if Clickteam is capable of making an online HQ Trivia-style of game? I mean the game-playing part, not the streaming live host part.


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    Can Clickteam make an HQ Trivia-Style Game? Yes, they employ a host of very smart people that can do anything they feel like doing.

    Can you make an HQ Trivia-Style Game using Clickteam Fusion? In theory it's possible - people do make multi-player games with Fusion. There exists a quiz object. There are people who have integrated Fusion into databases and the like. It's not a built-in feature though, you'd have to develop such a game yourself using the software. I do foresee if you have lots of people playing the game at the same time you'd need something more than Fusion - it would be more your server handling all the requests and processing them in real time where you might need something more robust than Fusion.

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