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Thread: sword attack doesn't work good

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    sword attack doesn't work good

    Hi guys, such problem. I have a hero for my game, so I have platform movement object. My hero has movements on the right and left and jump. So I added 2 sword attack but I can't do this right. I tried Upon pressing a key and attack animation plays at once very fast, so I tried Repeat while key is pressing and while I'm pressing on the button attack animation plays even when hero's moving and animation continues to play.

    What I need when I pressed on the button at once animation will plays one time one second, or when I pressed on the button repeating animation will play on loop while I hol the button.

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    You can set the speed of your animation in the properties where you load the animation - under Direction Options - there's a block for speed - just change that until your animation plays at the speed you want it to. If you tick the button "loop" then the animation will play continuously - at the speed you set.

    When you start changing animations with the platform movement object you have to manually change them back.

    For example, if the player is attacking and you set flag 1 on:

    When Flag 1 is on, change animation to attack
    When Flag 1 is off + Flag 2 is off, change animation to walk
    When Flag 2 is on, change animation to jump

    Then as your player performs the actions set the flags on or off.

    The mouse and joystick have commands - when a button is pressed - do something
    and also
    Repeat while button is pressed - which means it will continue to do something - as long as your animation has the "loop" button ticked - then the animation will loop continuously with this command.

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