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Thread: Problems trough diagonal platform ( no obstacle ) or movement platform with PMO

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    Problems trough diagonal platform ( no obstacle ) or movement platform with PMO

    when the player is moving up in diagonal platform ( no osbtacle ) the player through platform and fall, and I have same problem when one platform is in movement.

    I put MFA example, please need help!

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    The command you're using - Test for Jump Through Platform Overlap - does allow the player to go through the obstacle.

    If you want the player to be stopped by the obstacle you need to use:

    * Platform Movement object: Test for obstacle overlap
    + Active is overlapping Platform
    Platform Movement object : Selected object overlaps an obstacle

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    It can be done:

    The action point MUST be touching the highest non-transparent pixels. For instance, if your hotspot is set to 0x0, make sure you move the y hotspot to preferably touching the first non-transparent pixel. Don't set it to center or the player will collide with the platform from the side.
    I have an example in here:

    If you want a hackless way of doing this and don't mind switching away from PMO, RPM supports it:

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