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Thread: How do I kill it without kill an enemy without automatically killing the other?

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    No. The problem I'm trying to solve is that it says specifically that the enemy is destroyed when the EnergyShot is visible, overlaps the collision box, flag 5 is on for the enemy, collision box, and hitbox, I set flag 0 to on and it destroys it and both enemies are playing the disappearing animation despite the fact it's only destroying one.
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    It seems to be working now.

    I added in lines 4 and 5 - this is the "always" events that must keep the right objects together.

    I disabled lines 173, 177 and 178 because they're not scoping to any particular enemy so will apply to all enemies.

    I added in your create event - the pound indicator - in lines 167 + 168 so that they also have their flags set correctly as I get the impression they're also running with the enemies.
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