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Thread: Load material from a Active?

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    Quote Originally Posted by warlords View Post
    Here is the mfa file:

    You can go to Surface and check "Load first image on Start" and uncheck it again some times. (frame 18 change picture) Go to code section and back to main frame and run it. It crash here at me!

    Plz let me know when downloading is finished, so I can remove it.
    I've checked the source code of the Surface object, the maximum number of images you can use in this object is 16, above 16 it overwrites some important data. The bug is in the image list editor that apparently ignores the maximum number of frames passed by the object when you import images from files, oops. I'll fix it. In the meantime you should delete your surface object and replace it by a new one with no more than 16 images.

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    It was good that you saw my light code because I had problems with the light. I now have to make a tutorial about light in 3d with a lot of sliders so I can see what the light does. Also for some light other light sources kill ...

    Is it always load model you think? Should it be Start of frame load model!

    Thanks Yves : Nice to know.

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    Firefly Material Cache not load material from a Active object.

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