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Thread: WeMiam, first beta of the app released

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    Smile WeMiam, first beta of the app released


    I'm making this post to annonce the release of the first beta of our Android app WeMiam, and to help users seeking infos on the use of Fusion to develop apps.

    At the begining of my startup adventure i was also seeking infos and didn't really find what I was looking for, so i spent a lot of time searching and testing...

    I think that this post will give a clearer vision to those who are looking for the same answers (what can we realy do with fusion ?).

    First here is a fast presentation of WeMiam:
    WeMiam a a french startup, who's goal is to help it's users find and meet people that share the same interests. These meetings are done in a restaurant around a meal or in a bar.

    If you want more infos, here is the Website (in french for now) :

    The App is developped as crossplatform, but for now only Android version is published (limited to France for now):

    Here are the interesting features that are included and fully working for now (other exciting features are in developpement, but can't be disclosed right now):

    - App supports multiples languages (for now only French and English are present) but new langages can be added in few minutes. This is implemented using ini extension and it's easy and powerfull.
    - App screen adapts to all screen formats with no distorsion or black lines
    - Register/login with Facebook
    - Encrypted data for communications with API Servers.
    - Push Notification using OneSignal service (i developped my own extension). => extension developpement is really easy, but the problem is the lack of documentation. I think that with a 30 minutes tutoral video any one with a minimum java knowledge can write an extension (at least for android) !
    - Realtime text messaging (based on restfull API and notifications)
    - Take selphy for user profiles (problems on some devices where photos are fliped 90 degrees or 180 degrees :S )
    - User profile photos with round shape ( uploaded by app on AWS S3 bucket => I wrote my own S3 extension )
    - Nearby Places search provided to user based on his geo location.
    - Nearby Users search based on there geo location.
    - Data translations based on user local langage code (if the two users don't have the same langage).
    - All date/time are in local time, based on user geo location => for travelers (was difficult !! and i'm not sure it's free of bugs :S )
    - Google maps integration.
    - many more that you can see by testing the app ...

    After a lot of work and i used many Fusion features and extensions i can say with no doubt that :
    - Fusion is really very well designed and stable (at least for the android part, i didn't start working on iOS yet).
    - It's really clean (i found only a few bugs and they are fixed very quickly (thanks @Fernando ! )
    - but... Documentation quality must be raised at the level of the software quality, and centralized. Even today and after more than 4300 hours of work on Fusion (steam counter), I can't tell where to go to be sure to find accurate and up to date documentation. It's really frustrating to waste days and even sometimes weeks looking for answers that should have been documented from the begining (example: extension developpement).

    This is the first beta so there are certainly many bugs, so if you find some, please don't hesitate to send me a pm.

    Here are some screenshots of the app:


    @Kisguri can you contact me by PM please ? I talked to @Fernando and he told me to contact you, but i can't send you a PM. Thanks !

    Have a nice day and good luck to those who are starting a new project.
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    very interesting as an app, I agree that some video tutorials would be enough to improve the documentation

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