New to using HTML and are publishing an audio-heavy project online. Am testing now.

Q1. I reference all audio in my project as .ogg files only - but the HTML exporter by default ALSO duplicates these as .mp3 (with lame encoder) or .m4a if not. Why?

Q2. When my project loads in a browser using the HTML5 option - 'Load all data at start', does that mean it tries to load the unused duplicates (.mp3 or .m4a) too? Essentially doubling loading time?

Q3. Is there an option to NOT duplicate the files and waste building/uploading time, as all modern browsers are happy with .ogg only?

Can I assume that as all my audio files are .ogg as listed in the Data Elements, that I can (annoyingly) delete all the duplicate files, upload to the web server, and all will work fine?

Thanks for your time.