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Thread: About switching between active and inactive

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    About switching between active and inactive

    I have one request.

    If you copy and paste an event that switches between active and inactive event groups into another frame, the reference group will be displaced or the instruction itself will disappear.

    I don't know what the difference is between a case of misalignment and a case of disappearance, but it's very inconvenient if it disappears, and if you don't notice it, it can cause a fatal bug.

    So I'd like it to be labeled this way, just like "jump to frame".

    Please consider this.
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    Yes - this is an ongoing issue with Fusion that people, myself included, have been complaining about since well - since I started using Fusion.

    Other ideas where to fix the activation / deactivation to the name of the group and not the position of the group in the hierarchy so that wouldn't happen.

    Maybe one day...

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    O yeah, I've lost countless hours to bugs caused by this annoying behaviour. It also means that something as simple as using cut & paste on a group can prove fatal: the cut command deletes all actions pointing to that group, and the paste command fails to reinstate them.

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