Here's a simple portable app that lets you quickly generate different avatar/icon sizes from a single PNG image.
By default, the app exports PNGs in the right sizes for Clickteam Fusion application icons -- but you can customize any number of icon sizes and names using the config file, so it's very easily moddable/extensible.

Download Link:

I know there are other apps on here which basically do the same thing, but I had already developed this tool for my own internal use to help me quickly generate Fusion icons and various social media avatars. Recently I've been polishing up a some of the tools I have developed internally and decided to start releasing them.

The key differences with my app are:

  • All the output settings are loaded from a config, and you have two pre-sets to quickly toggle from in an instant.
  • You can edit the output sizing and name parameters via the config file (which is also launchable directly from the app menu itself).
  • The program reads the file location where your PNG file was dragged from, and automatically outputs the new files in the same directory with logical names (inside an added "_export" folder).

If this seems helpful to you, feel free to use it, and comment on the page (or here!).

Also, if you could spare $1 or $2 as a donation, I would really appreciate it. Finances have been rough recently, partly due to pandemic and other health issues, and any little bit would really help me out right now. Donation is optional though, this app (and my other apps/downloads) are free to download and use without any restriction.