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Thread: Active Object Ghosting / Blurring

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    144Hz here, BenQ XL2411 also on 144Hz in Windows. I see no ghosting around the sprite but that dither on the head gives some blinking effect when moved to fast (100+fps set) due to the contrast.

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    You know "ghosting" can be a monitor issue, specially in overclocked or high refresh rate monitors with low latency features, right?
    That's why it doesn't show on recordings inside the system, that's because it's not rendered by the gpu but by the screen instead.

    You can test it here:

    Your monitor is known for having this issue, here's a footage of it:

    This has nothing to do with Fusion, but here's a video that could help you reduce these:

    This one shows some settings of your specific monitor, you can find many of these on YouTube:

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