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Thread: How can I call a function

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    Question How can I call a function

    I understand that groups of events are like functions. Is there a way to create a group of events and then call them? I have Frame 1 and in the event editor it seems everything has to go into the frame from beginning to end. I'm just trying to make sure I'm not missing anything important.

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    Groups are a collection of events that can be turned off and on, they don't really work as functions.

    What I think you might be referring to is fast loops. You can start a fastloop by name (like a function) and any events that start with "On loop "name here"" will all execute and finish before other actions start (also like a function). The optional behaviour is repeating it more than once (hence why they are called loops).

    They can be found within the first object in the event editor, System/Special conditions object.

    Fusion has 3 event editors:
    - The global editor, events here will run on every frame (Unless the frame excludes it)

    - The frame event editor (The usual editor)

    - The behaviour editor (Assigned to an object, copy and pasting the object to a frame will also copy its events)
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    The 2 main ways of calling "pseudo-functions" in fusion is either :

    A) create a fast loop & put your desired functionality inside of that loops "on loop" events. You may freely open/close event groups within fastloops.

    Or B), use one of the function extentions (there's quite a few). I've only ever seriously used the Fast Function Object, and it's similar to fastloops in how they're set up, although imo they're less flexible than fastloops, and it's not immediately obvious at what location does Fusion jump to (or back to) in the event list after execution of one of these function objects. Unlike the fast loop which you know will return to the action immediately after the action which called the loop. Not sure if the function objects behave similarly in relation to groups, either. I've only ever used them in always-activated groups.

    A way around that is to just use a fast loop to call the function, but at that point you might as well just use a fast loop 

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