I'm wondering if anyone has made a soundfont extension that would be compatible with Fusion 2.5. Whether it's something available for free or it costs money isn't an issue for me, and quite frankly if someone has made something so niche they deserve to be compensated for their contribution.

Using a Soundfont or Soundbank would open up a world of efficiency and organization, at least for as being able to use a single midi file as an index to call all the sound effects in a project along with the precision control of the audio aesthetic without being wasteful is highly desirable. I suspect I could potentially place all of the musical notation, and sound effect indexing in a single midi file and all of the required samples in a single soundbank.

XM, IT and MOD files are not desirable because while they can sound wonderful on their own with their embedded samples, it's quite difficult to manipulate them externally from an event editor perspective. You can do far more with midi files.

Space conservation is less of a concern these days, though if I don't need to add unnecessary bloat to a project, I'd prefer to not to do so.

I'm looking for something that will function within a CTF project and/or it's exported application. I'm aware of 3rd party applications that let people use soundfonts on their own systems but if I can avoid such a work-around I'd like everything to be contained within the project itself.

I know how to make midi files, and can compose the music and create the soundfonts, but I have no way to interface the banks with CTF.

If you know of such an extension, or you've made one, or are even selling one, please refer me to it. I'd very much appreciate it.