Holy Christ, I just realized I never made any post about this game on the forum of the actual company that is making this possible in the first place!



So I started working on my 2nd roguelike game this past May and so far it's coming along really well. As this is only my 2nd one of these ever I'm trying hard to improve upon all aspects from my first one if possible (Equin: The Lantern). The basic gist is you start a new run by selecting one of four character classes, and then have your choice of 4 different-themed dungeons to go through. Completing a dungeon will mean you've had to have gotten past its boss, and then choose a random reward (probably out of 3, I'm not positive on this yet). Then you'll be taken back to the dungeon select screen to choose another of the remaining dungeons. After completing all 4 you'll be able to tackle the final dungeon and hopefully win the game!

I like the choice idea- So for example if you've chosen to play as the Cleric (who has skills that are strong vs. undead) you might want to tackle the Crypt dungeon first. Etc etc, you get where I'm going with this!

Like the first game upon running into a monster the battles play out in a 1st person fashion akin to the Dragon Warrior or Pokemon games. This time around you'll get to choose different class skills upon leveling up, and have build choices. Huzzah! The Thief for example begins with the ability to pickpocket the enemy for a paltry amount of gold pieces but can choose an evasion skill or poison darts. Afterward he can choose a skill that increases the enemy drop rate of items or a combat ability where he auto counterattacks when the enemy misses. And he can of course steal from shops, regardless!

Gear-wise well the first game had 500 different items so while that's a hard act to follow I'm going to try my best here too. Equipped gear now shows up on your guy (which is always nice). Also almost every piece of armor / weapon / shield and etc can be upgraded up to 3 times each. Additionally though rare you can also find gear pre-upgraded from chests as well! Upgraded gear can have really good benefits- so it's not like most roguelikes I've played where a Sword+1 deals +1 more damage than a regular Sword. That's just sorta' boring! In this, upgrading a sword also increases your Hit %. Upgrading a mace increases your Crit % chances. A wand's attack strength doesn't change at all but increases your Magic stat (great for spellcasters, of course!).

Here are some semi-recent screenshots of what I have so far. I'm trying to work on it on a pretty regular basis but I'll be like everyone else and blame COVID for my progress not being up to my usual insane standards lol.