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You shouldn't ever add/subtract to the RGB coefficient directly. Because RGB coefficient is an integer holding 3 values.

See Dobermann's expression:

This is what "RGB coefficient" is equal to. For reverse, the expression would be:
Red = RGB mod 256
Green = (RGB / 256) mod 256
Blue = (RGB / 65536) mod 256

By adding 1 to RGB coefficient, you're adding 1 to Red. If Red exceeds 255, Red is reset back to 0 and 1 is added to Green. This is what causes that "snap"

You always get 15793151 because RGBAt retrieves original colour from the sprite, not colour that was applied with RGB coefficient.

Look at my previous example that I have posted here with the hue change, it's not as simple as adding 1: Attachment 29499
Edit: You're also using RGBAt, nowhere in the file was GetRGB used, they're two different expressions. The latter "makes" the integer value RGB coefficient uses (easy solution to not deal with writing the expression Dobermann wrote above)
Oh thank you, this is exactly what I am looking for!