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Thread: You can add new animations to a sprite, but you canít use it in the global editor?

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    You can add new animations to a sprite, but you canít use it in the global editor?

    Something I noticed that Iíve been meaning to ask about: in the sprite editor, you can right click on the animation list and you can add a new one to the list, but if you need it in the global object editor, you canít use it because in there, the animations list only goes down to Stand up. Is there a way to MAKE it so that you can use it in the Global Object editor, such as using a calculation or whatever, or can extra animations only be use in the frame editor?

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    User animations start at index 12, so yes you can use a calculation in the global event editor.

    PS: 2.5+ allows to see user animations in the global event editor, it gets them from a frame defined in a specific property.

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