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Thread: Resize frame to match screen size pixel-wize

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    Question Resize frame to match screen size pixel-wize

    Hi guys,

    I'm probably just missing something simple.

    I see a lot of things that do something, but not sure it is quite what I'm looking for.

    I want to update the size of the frame to match the screen.

    So instead of the frame having 640x480 it would change to the resolution pixel-wise of the screen.

    So if I had a 64x48 object I still want it to be that size even on a make larger resolution screen.
    Instead I should be able to fill the screen with more and more objects.

    Thanks so much for any help you can give!

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    You can use Window Control object to scale your resolution pixel precise.

    Start of Frame
    Window Control : Set horizontal size to ( 640 * windowScale ) + ( WinXSize( "Window Control" ) - ClientWidth( "Window Control" ) )
    Window Control : Set vertical size to ( 360 * windowScale ) + ( WinYSize( "Window Control" ) - ClientHeight( "Window Control" ) )

    windowScale is the amount you want to multiply your window, so 640*2=1280 width, the rest of the events are to compensate for the pixels in the window itself so it scales pixel precise.

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