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Thread: De/Activate group by expression

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    Expensive if used every tick
    Optimised if used sparingly

    Uppernate (BartekB)30/12/2019
    Do not activate/deactivate groups. That is slow

    It's better to just run through 100 conditions, or more

    Uppernate (BartekB)30/12/2019
    Zvoc, probably, sometimes the easiest/least complicated solution is the fastest. But you'll never know if you don't profile it (e.g. with Microtimer if you don't have 2.5+)

    Ian, it's not an issue if you do it rarely (we're talking times per game tick), once a second is 0.0166, that's classified as pretty rare.
    The problem arises when you use that as state controllers so we're talking maybe 500.0 per game tick (activations and deactivations).

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    I just did a little experiment on one of my projects, where I ran a fastloop 128 times every frame/tick, which every 5-6 iterations triggers another loop, whose own "on loop" events were in groups & were only activated when their specific loop was called, & then deactivated again once the loop was finished. Then I ran the same test with the "on loop" groups activated at the start of frame, & then never deactivated again.
    Tested at 144fps, the deactivating/reactivating method was slightly faster averaging around ~55fps, the 'always activated' method drops me down to about ~51fps. The massive fall in fps from 144 to 50-55 is mostly down to the amount of nested loops being run per-frame. There's also a lot of other stuff happening in the background. Under normal circumstances this nested loop would not be running 128 times a frame.

    The "on loop" events themselves are mostly integer comparisons between Active object alterable values (e.g Alt Value A is => Alt Value B...things like that) & the actions are mostly writes to arrays + one large expression which is calculated from multiple values from an array (the default clickteam array object), so that's writing + reading array values dozens of times per frame. Obviously my results are going to be heavily project-specific, but it seems to reflect the conclusion that was arrived at regarding group activation in the Clickteam performance thread. Thanks for posting that btw, very useful info in there

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    Lots of good info in this thread, thanks everyone

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