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Thread: Platform Movement Object - How to fix inconsistent jump heights?

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    Question Platform Movement Object - How to fix inconsistent jump heights?

    Over the past 6 months, I have been working on a platformer game. It's gained a bit of a speedrunning community recently, and an issue has been brought to light. The game's movement is done with Platform Movement Object, and while it works really well for the most part, the jump heights of the character are quite inconsistent. Even when performing a jump with a script, an inconsistency in maximum height still remains.
    This video is played back at half speed, and it is a overlayed video of two jumps done with the same script, which should in theory be identical.
    Speedrunning my game is heavily focused on pixel perfect jumps to avoid certain death, and with the game as is, I see lots of players get very frustrated as their results boil down to luck rather than skill.
    Reworking the game around custom movement code would require a lot of work this far into the project, and it's an option I will only take if absolutely required. I don't know if I can open up up PMO and edit the code, or if it's even open source or anything (I'm really walking outside of my comfort zone here.) Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you :)

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    Been a while since I looked at any PMO stuff, but iirc it uses a slightly different floating point precision compared with what Fusion uses. I recall having issues getting the PMO to behave consistently regarding velocities.

    Perhaps your best bet is to just roll out your own custom platform engine, which ultimately would be much easier to do than trying to reverse-engineer the pmo extension itself

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    I did a quick test, I see a variance of 3 pixels on the example I made - so a potential fix would be to just set a firm limit on how many Y pixels the player can move from the start of the jump position, as attached:
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