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Thread: Problem getting the color of a scaled object (gradient)

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    Problem getting the color of a scaled object (gradient)

    Hi guys!

    I'm trying to get a specific color of a gradient based on the position of an Active (an arrow in this case) in order to change the background color to the one obtained. The problem is that I also want to make the gradient scalable but by doing this the color is no longer obtained correctly, it's like the gradient is not really scaled and the color is still obtained as if it were the original size.


    I don't think I've done something wrong so it definitely looks like a bug.

    I leave an example with the problem. Tell me what you think... and if anyone knows a way to do it without this bug. Thanks!


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    I have no idea why this is happening? im not sure on what the math would be exactly but for example you could try adding the scaling into the get rbg event?

    Set Background Colour: RGBAt( "Color bar", X( "Arrow" ) - ( X Left( "Color bar" ) * value( "Trackbar" ) ) / 100, 0 )

    im not sure if this will work but maybe a workaround for it but you are right i have alot of issues with scalling in mmf.

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    Hi, bump this up as I would like to know why this is happening also, if someone can explain.

    I managed to work around it using individual actives for each colour, scaling and moving them.


    I was worried this problem would happen when scaling an application, but I tried it and seems ok .

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