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Thread: Beginning a Platformer Game

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    Red face Beginning a Platformer Game

    Hi Fellow Clickers,
    I am thinking of working on a platformer like this one

    I am making the art in the same sort of resolution too.

    I thought I better check out some examples so I've been searching the site and haven't found any examples yet,
    So I went into the Clickteam folder and found Zeb platformer,
    But It does'nt use the PMO object or the platformer built in direction, and I was hoping to use one of those methods,

    I was wondering if you can recommend any example MFA on this site?, that I can look through to get an idea what's under the hood so to speak.

    Thank you for any help you can give , and thanks your time looking into the request.

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    (Some PMO stuff here)
    (^^You may have to search around for .mfa/.mmf downloads there)

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