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Thread: Integrating HTML Game On A Web Page?

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    Question Integrating HTML Game On A Web Page?

    Hello everybody

    Today, I face a small problem for which I have difficulty finding the solution on the Internet.

    This is the procedure to manually upload a game compiled in HTLM5 (from Fusion of course) to a web page.

    Usually, when I create games in HTML, I upload them directly to specialized sites on or Newgrounds, so I just have to upload the program's .zip file and they automatically load it.

    Except that here, I have to create and upload a program for my job website, and I have to integrate it directly on the home page.

    So, I have access to the database (so I can upload the ZIP file to the site files), and I can embed HTML code in the site pages (for example, I have already integrated external widgets in iframe inside).

    However, I have no idea how to use my program in the ZIP file, and embed it in the correct dimensions on the web page.

    Can you explain it to me or refer me to a tutorial? (I find a lot of explanations for Flash with the SWF file, but nothing on the HTML5 integration ...)

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    The folders and asset resources' folders it builds on your local PC, you have to make a root folder and upload them onto your hosting service.

    Screenshot examples of flow (please note this may be different currently, as this is from an OLD HTML5 exporter build):




    Your html file has to be in the root folder along with the resources and src folders. Please note the Fusion files needed in each folder in the screenshots. That html file is what you can edit and change to spruce up how your app or game looks within it.

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