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Thread: Always save your mfa project before...

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    Lightbulb Always save your mfa project before...

    During all my work in CTF2.5, I have repeatedly encountered emergency closings of the program (crashes). Sometimes I lost my progress on a project.
    I've compiled a list of up to what point you'd better save your job as soon as possible.

    Always save your mfa project
    • before working in a window with application elements (Data elements);
    • before listening to an audio sample;
    • before changes in the behavior of the object;
    • before changes in global events;
    • before changes on a frame with a lot of objects;
    • before opening the search for everything window (Find all.../Ctrl+Shift+F);
    • before viewing search results;
    • before working in the Library window;
    • before starting the application with the profiler enabled;
    • before viewing the results of the profiler;
    • before and after significant changes;
    • before an action that may cause Fusion to freeze for a while.

    And separate recommendation. Change the creation of backups in the Fuison preferences to a higher value.

    Good luck with your projects. Save the projects often.

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    I used to encounter some of those issues quite frequently. I've not had any issues with crashing since I updated to the 2.5 + DLC. I'm always still wary though.

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