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Thread: backgrounds and images cause crashing of game in HTML5 (corrupt?)

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    backgrounds and images cause crashing of game in HTML5 (corrupt?)

    I have an older game that I made that I am trying to update to HTML5 but I'm having a strange problem. I've discovered that I can't have any background images, or images in active system boxes (in the Questions frames). If I do, the application will not work. I have attached a copy of the mfa without background images or images in Active System Boxes. It works. But if you add a background or an image to an ASB, it stops working. Is the file or something corrupt? I can do the workaround of just getting rid of these images but it doesn't look the way I want. I've attached a picture of the original design (with the background and ASBs with images). Including these images causes the program to fail. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks,
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