The Advanced Path Movement object breaks my point-and-click adventure game when using HTML5 exporter. The object works on Windows, Mac and Android, however.

I made a very simple test to narrow it down, where all I do is create two nodes, connect them together, "set object" to an active object, have it find the "journey" from node 1 to node 2, and start movement. Even this doesn't work on HTML5 - the active object just sits there, though it works as expected on other runtimes. So something very fundamental seems to be broken.

It would be amazing to have this fixed, or at least remove HTML5 from the list of exporters Advanced Path Movement is compatible with, as I built my somewhat complicated pathfinding system around this object thinking it would work on all exporters.

Or, if there are any other cross-platform pathfinding solutions suitable for an adventure game that I could implement instead, that would be great too.

Thanks for any help on this issue!