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Thread: DB Fields Split Plus

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    Angry DB Fields Split Plus


    I bought the Database tutorial in the store.

    There is no readme or setup info in the Zip, just an EXE, and MFA and 2 scripts.

    The EXE works, although if I click the 2nd option, I get the following error:

    If I try to open the MFA, I get this error:

    The program then crashes.

    Currently this is a bit of a waste of $3.
    Anyone any idea how to get it working? Or how to contact the seller?
    Better yet, anyone have any idea how to get a refund on the store? If I click RETURNS in my account I just get a "Page not found" error.

    On a side note, allowing user reviews of things on the store would be good. I've bought a few other things on the store that are either completely uncommented or really badly laid out, and it would have been nice to be able to warn others too.

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    I have this problem. How do open a mfa without error. Help please!!!
    Thank you

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