for the last year I've been working on this platformer that focuses on speed and movement. I call it...

Psst.. you can wishlist it on steam

You're a lonely worker in a futuristic city with an important job, noodle delivery.

The goal of the game is to make you beat levels as quick as you can by figuring out different routes through the level and using movement. All your expected tricks are there but things like dashes, air movement and a sword that teleports you around opens up a lot of possibilities.

My goal is to create base levels that most people can get through and then add harder variations that require more skill.
This way the player can learn the game without too much stress and then level up if they decide thats what they want to do. Meanwhile I'm nudging them to play fast by having timers, medals and small things such as the player slowly losing 2 of their 3 HP points if they stand still too much.

Aiming for an august release but if you want to wishlist it the steam page is up.