I have received many PM asking if i could sale my extensions.

So it took some time, and now my 2 first extensions are published on clickstore (Waiting for the Clickteam AndroidX update to publish the others):

- OneSignal Push (https://clickstore.clickteam.com/plugins/extensions/puse_one_signal):
Supports push (when app is closed and also when app is opened), in-app messages and tags. (Exciting features are coming... like in app triggers that is already implemented and used in my app, and later a push mecanism that works like native nortifications(example for time triggerd notification etc...).

- inApp Review (using google native solution) (https://clickstore.clickteam.com/plugins/extensions/inapp_review):
to let your users leave a review from inside your game or app.

- Other (S3 upload, image compression, video compression, etc...) coming soon

If you have suggestions, wishes or problems, please use this thread to discusse them.