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Thread: help needed! .exe Trinus VR

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    Exclamation help needed! .exe Trinus VR

    Dear Clickteamers,
    I need help, i have built a program in Fusion 2.5 Standard for Steam Windows Version, where an external application is started with an event, the external application is called Trinus VR cardboard (an application server for android smartphone VR client). This application start only with administrator privilegies run from a link on the desktop, i have made a connection to the application in C Program x86 Trinus Vr and select the Trinus .exe but when i start my event the trinus app doesnt remain connected to the smartphone. Anyone have any advice how to give administrator privilegies to the app inside the Fusion external app link???

    Thank you for your patience!


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    Lightbulb Secret Service.

    You should turn the app you want to run as a server into a windows service and register it as a service you start and stop through net or sc commands.
    The service can either run as system or run as a user with administrator privs and the Windows policy to run as service but here is a warning (Windows Pro ONLY).

    There are windows application wrappers (such as the non sucking service manager which can run exe applications as a service. If you have the know-how you can build the application to run as a service too.
    I posted another method a long time ago now on how to use some other application to turn applications into services. Probably haven't got it any more though.. You can use google though.

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