As you can see from the name, the game Pac man was taken as a basis.

But in this game I tried to take into account all the shortcomings and make the arcade as attractive as possible.
Judging by the comments in the classic version of PacMan, everyone complained about inconvenient controls.
In the old game, there was a choice between swipe control or buttons.
Also, in the standard version of the arcade game, the entire map was visible at once in portrait mode, which makes it impossible to draw the character, enemies, maps and, in principle, it is inconvenient to control.

In my version of Pac Donut Hero, I redrawn the main hero, enemies, levels and bonuses. I decided to stylize the game like donuts.

Added swipe control with the ability to rotate in advance. That is, not at the moment of crossing the main character's figure and the intersection, but in advance, which makes it easier to control the hero at high speed.
Added joystick style button controls and split style buttons for two-handed control. It is also possible to select buttons for the desired hand for right-handed and left-handed people.

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3 levels of difficulty, 10 levels each.
The difficulty of the game is determined by the size of the map. The longer you play the game, the bigger and more difficult the map becomes.
All 30 levels are made in their own unique style.

-Magnet (sucks nearby bonuses through walls)
-Acceleration with beautiful spark animation
- + 1 Life
-Possibility of one bullet shot
Negative bonuses:
- Spikes (screen shakes)
- Turn off the light (a small zone of light remains around Pac Donut Hero for a few seconds).

The earned points can be spent in the roulette mode, where you can win 5 skins for Pac Donut Hero or 9 colored spark animations in acceleration mode.

There are also easter eggs (a game for a bot and a mini-game), which can be found if you use a cue r scanner in the right places.

I tried to make the game as attractive as possible, because other analogs of the game do not look very beautiful.

Attached are images of monsters, Pac Donut Hero, and an example map.

I will listen to your opinion and advice. I will also tell you if someone is interested in how I implemented certain decisions in Clickteam.