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Thread: Ultimate Full Screen Object - Still Necessary?

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    Ultimate Full Screen Object - Still Necessary?

    I make pixel art games running at low res - always have done. So for the last ten years or so I've always used the Ultimate Full Screen object to be able to render in fullscreen and maintain performance and not mess with Window's own resolution. Happy to keep using this extension but is it still necessary nowadays with Fusion 2.5+?

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    I hear it's great however the one time I used it I had lots of conflicting problems with Steam's built-in overlay and had to remove it.

    I use the Window Resizer object (or whatever it's called) and you can scale your display really well but it's not perfect when it comes to full screen of course.

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    It's better to use Window Control object since UFO isnt as compatible as it used it to be.
    If you base window is 640x360 you can do it like this for pixel perfect scaling:

    * Run this event once
    Special : Start loop "resize window" 1 times
    * On loop "resize window"
    Window Control : Set horizontal size to ( 640 * [SCALE VALUE E.G. 2 OR 3] ) + ( WinXSize( "Window Control" ) - ClientWidth( "Window Control" ) )
    Window Control : Set vertical size to ( 360 * [SCALE VALUE E.G. 2 OR 3] ) + ( WinYSize( "Window Control" ) - ClientHeight( "Window Control" ) )

    First even starts the loop (not really needed to be a loop, i have it as a loop since i can trigger it multiple times from e.g. options).

    Then you set the horizontal size by taking your base size (in this example 640) and you multiply it with the amounts you want to enlarge, e.g. if you want it twice as big you would put in 640*2. This can also be an alt value that you change dynamically. The rest of the variables is to compensate for the very few pixels of the window border itself. If you don't have this, it wont scale pixel perfect.
    Then you do the same for vertical.

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