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Thread: The Graphic Editor Small but Large Improvement Suggestion

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    The Graphic Editor Small but Large Improvement Suggestion

    I know Clickteam does not want to re-invent the wheel nor try to waste time on the graphic editor when we already can do stuff in 3rd party editors, such as Gimp, Photoshop, etc.
    But, a suggestion regarding the palette.
    It always defaults as the standard set, and you can change colors to use but those colors are not saved.
    The palette is a 8x32 (256) grid of colors.

    It would be great if we could change the colors presented and they stay saved to that slot.
    In addition to this, you would need a Button added to RESTORE the palette back to its original state/256 colors.

    A nicer touch would be to add another Button to SAVE the current palette - much like the .pal files in other systems, so we could also share those palettes and/or re-use them.

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    I think danjo's suggestions are good. It would not be re-inventing the wheel. It would be making things a bit better.

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    And another feature that I would have loved before getting Aseprite would be a shortcut for replacing a specific color with another color. That would've saved so much time. Especially handy if it could be used on multiple images in once.

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