I just received a mail from Google, about updates being required for the Drive API. I'm guessing this is because I use the Cloud saves option from the Google Play Games object. The mail doesn't explicitly say that changes are required, but it mentions that they made some changes, and that I need to check if those changes apply to me or not. Since I'm not very familiar with the code behind the Google Play Games object, could you please take a quick look over this e-mail I got from Google, and see if it applies in the case of Clickteam Fusion? I'll copy paste the contents of the mail below:

Hello Google Drive Developer,

We have identified you as a Developer who has used the Drive API in the last 30 days. We are writing to let you know that on September 13, 2021, Drive will apply a security update that will change the links used to share some files, and may lead to some new file access requests. Access to files won’t change for people who have already viewed or modified these files.

Please update your code as detailed below before September 13, 2021, to avoid failing requests.
What do I need to know?

Items that have a Drive API permission with type=domain or type=anyone, where withLink=true (v2) or allowFileDiscovery=false (v3), will be affected by this security update.

In addition to the item ID, your application may now also need a resource key to access these items. Without a resource key, requests for these items may result in a 404 Not Found error (See below for details). Note that access to items that are directly shared with the user or group are not affected.
Will this change affect me?

If your application uses the Drive API to access files which have been shared with a user through link sharing, your application may be affected by this change.
What do I need to do?

To avoid errors accessing files, you must update your code for accessing files to include the appropriate resource keys. Details on how to do this for each of the affected Drive APIs is included below:
Changes to the Drive API

The resource key of an item is returned on the resourceKey field of the file metadata in the Drive API response.

If the file is a shortcut file, then the resource key for the target of the shortcut can be read from the shortcutDetails.targetResourceKey field of the same resource.
URL type fields such as exportLinks, webContentLink, and webViewLink will include the resourceKey.
Requests to the Drive API can specify one or more resource keys with the X-Goog-Drive-Resource-Keys HTTP request header.

Learn more about this change from the Drive API guide.
Changes to Apps Script

The DriveApp from Apps Script has been updated to return the resource key of a file or folder with the getResourceKey method.

Note: When fetching a file or folder, the resource key can be specified on the getFileByIdAndResourceKey or getFolderByIdAndResourceKey methods.

Changes to Drive UI Integrations

If your application is integrated with the Drive UI to create or open items, it will receive resource keys when your application is invoked from the Drive UI.

The state information for a New URL will contain folderResourceKey, which is the resource key of the folder where the new item should be created.
The state for an Open URL will contain a mapping of file ID to resource key in the resourceKeys field.

Learn more about integrating with the Drive UI on our website.