@Fernando here's a mfa/apk that should contain the bugs I was talking about on Android runtime... And here's the list of problems:

-Samples (specially wave) may play all distorted on some devices (I guess older ones) the first time it plays.
-Loop Samples may cut off or get a weird distortion for a sec randomly (I'm not sure what causes it, but I've seen it happen)
-Test Position will not consider "Fit inside and adjust window size", meaning objects will get destroyed if it gets to the extra area.
-All Frame expressions to get X/Y coordinate of visible edges also will not consider "Fit inside and adjust window size", meaning these cannot be used to make responsible interfaces the way it is.

Here's the mfa/apk, I suggest testing in more than one device, specially a older one.

Fortunately it seems like the problem I was having a while ago with my SMW camera remake seems to work properly on Android now, but I'll have to do some more testing.

Another one for Windows: having a button then switching to a frame with more buttons (in checkbox mode for example) with Transparent enabled will not only show a black rectangle in its place but will also show the button for the previous frame within it.
ok so far checkbox color is fixed for next beta or release.


But I want to point something here, using 3 different devices with android version: 6, 11, 12

1.- background music seems Ok, pause look like some silence in sound

2.- effect sounds one of them is 24 bits, which is NOT Ok before android 10 so old device may have problem to decode and play. (you have set them as preload sounds, try with play from disk which make sound play by Media Player command instead of soundpool)

3.- Left counter register the number of objects Ball and seem OK, even though i need to check this behavior more deeply.

from now please use this post to check these points.