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Thread: Sound Harmonization Similar to Super Mario Odyssey

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    Sound Harmonization Similar to Super Mario Odyssey

    Hi, I am currently trying to figure out which would be the best option to harmonize sound effects with game music.

    This video covers the topic I am trying to replicate here.

    I've already gotten the BPM timing part down but basically I am struggling to figure out Clickteam Fusion 2.5's way of pitching audio using it's Frequency pitching setting. As posted by Horn in these same forums from 2007, they say this:

    "If I have a sound that is 44000hz like a piano note "A" and then I put it into mmf and tell it to play at 44000hz. It will play at one octave up from 44000hz.
    So how does mmf work out it's freq if a sound already has a freq. and why are the freq limited from 100 to 100 000."

    It's basically my question except I'm trying more than just an octave.
    But since that post, nobody has responded. Also, on that video I linked there is a comment with my same exact question and has some plentiful info in the replies. My last question is, does this program use Hz for it's frequency pitching or what?

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    The "frequency" that MMF reports is the "sample rate" of the audio file - that is, the quality of the audio file, not the fundamental frequency of the note itself being play in the audio file.

    If you're exporting an audio file at 44.1KHz, then you can still manipulate the playback of it in Fusion to change the note. Doubling the playback frequency in fusion will raise it an octave and halving it will lower it an octave

    The audio file could be a sample of A4 (440hz), G4 (392Hz), C4 (261Hz) - if the sample rate of the file is 44.1khz and you tell Fusion to play it at 88.2khz instead, the resulting audio will be A5 (880hz) / G5 (784Hz) / C5 (522Hz)

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