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Thread: Android Exporter Textured Shader

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    Android Exporter Textured Shader

    Hello everyone;

    I am working on shader for android exporter and it's very difficult eg how to decode sprite to bmp and the rest.
    However to test if apk file can embed binary file i just loaded 1 picture to fusion editor as binary file and work to
    converting to gl texture, after that load this one into gl texture and apply shader on this texture;

    Result was usable with an extension; So let me describe the spec and instructions.

    1 Copy Spriteshader.mfs to Extensions\Unicode
    2 Copy to Data\Runtime

    3 open a new android ouya project with fusion;
    API level 29, Version min level 6.0 , Version target level 9.0

    4 insert Sprite shader object
    5 go to binary file and import just one image file; this will use index 0;

    6 open editor event and setimage index to 0
    7 setfragment shader from text string


    Open example and look how it's done;

    spr4.png spr5.png spr1.jpg spr2.jpg spr3.jpg

    Have fun and thanks for the feed back ;
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