I decide to add some of Clint Bellanger excellent animated RPG sprites to fusion. To be clear all the art work is Clint's. All I did was import 100's of frames into Fusion and set everything up with a basic app so you can see them in action. Clint's license is CC-BY 3.0 and can be used in your own work - even commercial work. Currently I have added a dragon and a male hero though Clint has a pile of other sprite sheets. I might add more in the future though I'd love to see others import some of Clint's other work. It isn't hard but it does take some time.

Unfortunately the file size is too large to upload to the forum. If you want to pick them up you can grab them from my google share.

The male hero is approximate 50px tall though each frame of animation is 128x128px (large enough to fit all equipment). Animations are shown in 8 directions and include,
Stance (4 frames)
Running (8 frames)
Melee Swing (4 frames)
Block (2 frames)
Hit and Die (6 frames)
Cast Spell (4 frames)
Shoot Bow (4 frames)
256 sprites in total!

I've implemented the hero with optional sword, shield, and bow though Clint's sprite sheets include lots of additional options. See https://opengameart.org/content/isom...ro-and-heroine for additional options.

The dragon is actually a wyvern, somewhat bigger, and supports 8 directions. I've included 7 animations at 8 frames each:

Hover (Animation Preview)
Fly (Animation Preview)

If you want to use these in your own work please ensure you credit Clint Bellanger for the art work. It would be great if you also mentioned me for the legwork of pulling into fusion.