Hey folks,
The DarkEdif SDK has just been updated with a tool for working with the built-in update checker.

You can now register your extension versions and keep users of your ext updated regardless of how late they are to the party. When the Clickteam Extension Manager went through a slow patch and didn't upload my latest versions for months, it was a godsend to have an update checker.

The update checker also prevents users not updating and then reporting bugs that have already been fixed, or coming away with an impression that your extension is buggy because they've not upgraded and they're oblivious to that fact.
A nice message box on Fusion start - which users can dismiss if they insist on using an older one - goes a long way.
You can also use it for private betas and keeping your beta group updated while the general public only gets the latest public version.

More details are on the public Patreon post, free to read.
The DarkEdif SDK is obviously free to use as well, as it has been since release. There's examples and documentation on the MMF2Exts repository and wiki.

If you wish, you can disable the update checker by modifying a single line of your DarkEdif project. That's of course documented, along with all the non-personal details sent to the update server.

The SDK also supports building to Android and iOS from the same codebase - supporting all ABIs, so ARM64, x86_64, ARM, etc. You will need a Mac tied to your Visual Studio - I may open up my Mac server for public extension development usage, but that seems fairly pointless as you'd need a Mac to build the Fusion iOS project anyway, even if you had the extension... and not being able to test it would make it pointless. Feel free to ask to use it, though!