Hello, I figured I'd start another discussion here because it's always interesting to see everyone's approach and opinions to problem-solving. I'm trying to make a digital adaption of a board game that I made, and the only seemingly real issue is going to the AI when it comes to chasing after the players. Without going into too much detail or boring you with a long story, imagine a Clue-like grid board where the "enemy" AI player is trying to catch the Player/protagonist during their roll/turn. So, you've got them on one end of the house, and they're-a comin' for you while you try to achieve your own goals.

I'd like to have this adapted to Android, so I know there may be some extensions that that will eliminate...Also, this seems like a fun problem so I got some documentation about A* Pathfinding and I'd like to try to tackle the problem myself if I can, but I was wondering if anyone had any advice or lessons learned to avoid. I searched the forums and, while there are definitely some good examples, many of them either didn't solve my problem specifically or were links to files that are now broken.

This is a nice example that I could try to turn into a turn-based system: https://clickstore.clickteam.com/tutorials/cleanerai_realtime_pathfinding
And I also like this one and have no problem subscribing to the reactor to grab it/others: https://clickstore.clickteam.com/reactor/pathfindingnoextensions
It says 5 different pathfinding methods, but unfortunately doesn't really go into much more detail.

Anyway, looking forward and everyone have a great start to the week!