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Hello, all! I just released my casual toilet tossing game 90 Story Lavatory. This game features quick rounds and casual absurdity and it's all about beating your high score and adding to your collection.

Simply put, this game is all about throwing toilets into the air as high as you can while others watch you. Your job is to use the wind (by tapping on either side of the screen) to maneuver your airborne toilet and collect coins while avoiding airplanes, birds, windows, and flying off the screen. As your toilet reaches the earth again, try to center it on the screen and hit the bullseye for the most points. On the third round of each set, there will be one of 28 special collectible items underground.

Make sure to check out the tutorial, as there's a lot going on and not much time to react (it's not a hand-holding tutorial, just some scrollable "how to play" information).

I greatly appreciate any feedback/bugs. Have a great week!


-Toilets in the air

-28 Collectible items

-5 Special achievements (you'll have to experiment...)

-Coins to collect (how original)

-Airplane and bird explosions

-Twitch timing

-High scores

-Many easter eggs