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Thread: joystick control object can be compile but make the game turned black screen

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fernando View Post
    something is not working as expected during building but not sure what could it be, did you check antivirus and quarantine to see if something is mentioned?
    yes i already check it, it doesn't have any problem.
    i already remove the antivirus and nothing working.
    everytime i build something with joystick object in beta build, the game crashed.
    what's wrong with beta build?
    and as i already said is there any way to make target android to 11 in release build?
    please answer that

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    there is nothing wrong with the beta and joystick

    beta 293.6 allow target 11 and 293.7 allow target 12 now

    after checking the crash you get is possible that your target is not correct

    Fernando Vivolo

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