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Thread: [WIP] Russian Bear: Horror (Psychological horror).

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    Thumbs up [WIP] Russian Bear: Horror (Psychological horror).

    Hello community from far Siberia!

    I want to demonstrate the concept of my pixel horror. About a bear waking up after hibernation.

    Development is in full swing and many plans have not yet been implemented, but now you can evaluate the visual part of the project.

    Several screenshots from game (Alpha):

    Bear Home. House has 2 floors and a basement.

    View from the window.

    Some interaction objects are transferred to the first person view. That mirror.

    Small event. A neighbor came to the window. Wolf.

    What's in the game? A few examples:

    — 7 days. Every day is a macabre event

    — Lots of endings. Many of which are secret

    — Ability to play on console. To restore morale, the bear can play console. This is a separate game within the game

    — Screamers and other horror elements

    — A lot of secrets and unlocked content

    — Atmospheric music and sounds

    — Challenging achievements

    I will be glad to answer your questions.

    This theme will be updated as the game is developed. Also project will be released on Steam.

    You can support me on Patreon -

    Vadim Roshchin. Thanks.

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    Holy crap! I like this already!

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    It's obviously early still, but something about this seems quite nice to me. I get a sense of atmosphere already just from those few screenshots. I imagine that sound is going to be really important to deepen the vibe. Good luck!

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