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Thread: How to get the parallax effect with the floor curving towards the center

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    How to get the parallax effect with the floor curving towards the center

    There are already several threads to solve the questions about the parallax effect. The parallax effect with objects placed in three levels moving at different speeds (the first slow, the second fastest and the third the fastest of the first and second) I solved it simply using both the x and y coordinates and with the bouncing ball movement.
    What interests me is the effect of the floor curving towards the center of the screen, like that of fighting games which, the floor in addition to going to the right and left, twists towards a point in the frame.
    In this thread there is an awesome example of Schrodinger who solved such a question, but it is a sprite split into many blocks that give the effect of the curvature.
    Download here!

    I was wondering if there was a method to achieve the same effect, but using a single sprites and without increasing the virtual width and height size of the screen and without using the firefly (I use those directly for 3d games). We could use anti-aliasing, automatic rotation, and the scaler.
    The sprite to use is this:


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    You can either do it with a Effect (shader) or Perspective object.
    A shader would be more efficient tho, neither of these are compatible with runtimes other than Windows.

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