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Thread: Fusion Shapes Reskin Problem? Need your help

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    Question Fusion Shapes Reskin Problem? Need your help

    I am currently working on a match 3 project and creating a game where the proceeds will go to a children's cancer charity.

    I have Fusion Shapes open source and able to reskin most of it but there is one thing I can not seem to do and that is change the default shapes to custom icons.

    Even if someone experienced on here does not have fusion shapes, they may be able to help me with this question. I have tried emailing the source code author but the mail bounces and the website they put in support is no longer available 404.

    So here is my problem...

    I am trying to change the default shape icons to custom image icons. I have accessed the fallingshape animation section and changed the shapes to custom icons. When I run the application or frame all the original shapes are back on the board unless I match 3. When I match 3 the new icon displays falling in the animation sequence.

    What I am trying to do is change the icons from the start and not just in the animation, but it seems to only display the new icons when animation triggers. I have looked all over the source code and I can not find any way of changing the start up shapes to custom icons.

    I have attached 3 images to show what I a mean, If you do have the fusion shapes source code and have managed to change the icons I would be extremely grateful for the help.


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    I sent a PM, I'm sure I can help you get it sorted.

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